Prodej do zahranici


Dobry den, prodavam zde v barazuru zrcadlovku a dosel me mail v anglictine, ze ma zajem.
Na internetu je spousta podvodniku, tak bych chtel znat Vas naroz.

Thanks a lot for the mail,Am very happy to hear from you about this
item. Am Andy Martin from England and am okay with the cost of the
Item which is 300 euro but as a matter of I am buying this items my
friend son who is currently studying in Africa as a gift and I have
check with the shipping cost via C POST to Africa and it is 98 euro to
Africa from your post office. So let say everything will be 400 euro
Kindly send me your bank details like this:

full name:
bank name;
bank account number;
mobile number;

So that i can transfer the fund to your account immediately. Am
waiting for your Respond.


Andy Martin

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  1. Re:

    Aby byla sbírka jeho požadavků úplná, ještě zapomněl chtít zaslat číslo kreditní karty a PIN. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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